Thursday, January 14, 2010

A comment to Revision of Republic of Rumi

If you haven't already - you may want to go to the RR blogsite for part one of the revision of Republic of Rumi the novel of reality. I'm posting my comment here.

This is such a nourishing piece and discussion!

"The boundary of the universe was in its centre" ... Just what might this "centre" mean? And might finding this "centre" then have something to do with touching or reaching first into the depths of each our own souls?

What an encouraging while challenging surprise to see in words as from Rumi that this as part and parcel to actual world peace and individual contentment. To some this may be an apparently impossible or frightening task while to others this may have become natural and necessary. Yet all who go this deep inside know there will be the occasional dark nights of the soul and the nights we wrestle with angels. Then there will be the many timeless moments of a great serenity and sometimes the feeling of Love as warm liquid gold.

For those to whom such exploration is new - take heart - as we are not all gifted exactly alike - there are many from whom we might learn this oft missing ingredient- their voices living from the past and in our present.
And there are ways we can learn to journey to the depths with discernment and wisdom...

So of course all the language and mediation experts of Rumi's time and ours can't resolve inner or outer conflict if there is a "fight makes right" approach like the four with the grapes. Listening is key yet by itself it's mechanical and empty if we skip practicing the deeply-rooted change needed within each soul.

Again I hear echoing as the most startling line in this portion for me: "will you also find the time to create something in the depths of your soul?".

This sounds like it's from the Divine voice to us today. This question's tone feels like an INVITATION without force - a supplication and reminder there is a needed and complementary addition to the other freedoms: the freedom of democracy; the freedom from slavery; freedom from oppressive control or misguided direction from clergy - of all faiths; even complete freedom to create and produce many wondrous things; and of course freedom from greed.

Despite the universal message that what it takes to be happy is more money even when we have enough, here Rumi through Shafique Sahib teaches us that not even "all the wealth in the world could be sufficient for a heart unless it learns to be content by itself." Yes, even if wealth is shared and we function as co-creators on earth -- still this is NOT ENOUGH. ALL these many freedoms are yet not enough for peace nor are they even possible without inner peace. And not only inner peace alone but also the practice of creating.

"Will you also find the time to create something in the depths of your soul?" For me this is a confirmation of the place from where my fulfillment comes along with my best actions and decisions - a reminder I sorely need when so often a nagging voice says I'm wasting time to do so. When so much in our daily lives says there's no time for such pastime maybe we can hear the still small voice anew?

I look forward to seeing how in the revision of the next sections we find the guidelines for this inner journey and then outward again.

One last item, did you notice the great mystery hinted to above with the term "it"? " never happened in history. Can it happen now?" Can you and I make this "it" happen? I am needing more understanding and am quite curious.

What a deep feast we are all sharing here.