Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What would you most like SPIRIT to say to you?

A dear friend dropped by for a day. Yet, because she broke her foot the morning before she arrived, the day became a small retreat with us while her foot heals. She is a writer and has been in a most thoughtful mode. Yesterday she asked out of the blue: "If you could hear audibly SPIRIT speak, what do you wish SPIRIT would say to you?" I said, you first. She said "Be not afraid". Then I said that I would like SPIRIT to say to me: "LISTEN and I will show you the way."

What about you?

Maybe this could be a small beginning as we show our writing to one another and ask questions about things deep and matters less serious or even entertaining?

Another idea I'd love to discuss with you is the impact of metaphor on cross-cultural dialogue and literature.

Anyone here?


  1. Yet - just in case you'd rather discuss the kind of great literature which offers something to take away - don't miss Akhtar Sahib's latest:"If there is magic" http://mypageonweb.blogspot.com/2009/09/if-there-is-magic.html

  2. hmm...I think my spirit if start talking to me somehow would say....LET ME FREE. Or may be thats what I want it most to say.

  3. Ha ha @ Connie and Thinking. I am feeling amused because in the Quran (Chapter TA-HA), when God speaks to Moses from the Burning Bush, He basically says two things. Firstly, "Fear not." Secondly, go to Pharaoh and ask for freedom :)


  4. hmm... Shafique Sahib

    I think there is irony in it....we all want to be free and want our spirit to see beyond time but only exceptional of us (prophets) got the previlage.

  5. Perhaps I am incorrect, yet I don't believe nor experience that only the prophets get this privilege in every case. Perhaps this would be an interesting dialogue...and thanx for bringing this up.

    Somehow maybe we can consider the connections "Fearing not" with "asking for freedom?" as Khurram Ali Shafique Sahib may be implying above?

  6. Mr Nash

    Yes ! I was thinking on the same topic too since I last replied and found that it has turned towards another intresting point.

    Only waiting for you all to think and bring it forward and as now you did, I would love to read more from Shafique Sahib also.


  7. Thank You, Thinking and by the way I am female and while have gone well past four years of school it's only a little experience that "shapes" my public status...so I'm just CONNIE and very happy to be without title...what a responsibility!

    I've left a few comments on your very unique and intriguing posts, Thinking - and like Marzieh's they do cause a part of me to jump out and say "this is you when younger and still is" make this part of you once again alive...

    So Thinking...as you explore and refine, please don't ever lose your charming fresh spontaneous way of expressing your deepest questions and thought...

    YES, let's do here more from Shafique Sahib...lots more on this particular topic and all the others above...

    Where in the world in Safi? I do miss him.

  8. Dear Connie...hmm...thanks !

    Believe me it is my pleasure to be with all of you.

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog too. I felt so honored.

    Will reply you there soon too.



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